In today’s school climate, where competition lurks around every corner (and that’s an understatement!), public schools need to put their best foot forward to compete. Public School Marketing can help! 


At Public School Marketing, we talk a lot about helping schools "shine." That means doing all you can to make sure your school comes across to the public as best it can. It means highlighting the positive and learning how to best manage the negative (often turning it into a positive). 


Contact us to set-up an onsite visit. We’ll learn about your school, its strengths and challenges, and its culture. We'll show you an organized, systematic approach to marketing. You’ll learn smart, realistic strategies for promoting your school and making sure it truly shines. 


So maybe you can't mail out gorgeous, glossy brochures or offer free i-pads like other schools (sigh). There's still a lot you can do and there's always room for improvement. So let's roll up our sleeves together and get things going so your school can--say it with us--shine.


     "Our school, as well as our school district, benefitted from Anne's unique perspective and the creative marketing strategies she came up with."  Maryann, Elementary School PTO President