by Anne Wurth, founder & owner


For some people, a “lightbulb” moment hits all at once, like a bolt of lightning. For me, the inspiration to form Public School Marketing was several small moments.


One was a couple years back when I was at a booth at a local carnival, promoting my children’s school. Nearby, competitor schools’ booths were giving away iPads, gift cards, promising free before- and after-care, and handing out snazzy brochures….We were severely outgunned. Of course I didn’t think we should have to offer expensive items to woo families, but it definitely was a wake-up call as to nearby schools’ tactics and exactly what we were up against. I thought, That must have taken some know-how. Wouldn’t it be neat if we knew how to promote our school?


Another moment was when I heard that a competitor school was marketing their school as having a particular kind of math curriculum, one that was apparently very challenging, different and cutting edge. It had lots of parents in the neighborhood abuzz. Upon a little research, I learned that it was actually the same math currently taught at the neighborhood public school, which then made me wonder, Why didn’t the neighborhood school market its math program and how did that other school create such buzz about the same program?


Yet another moment was at a school district marketing meeting where I saw and heard how so many schools cannot find reliable volunteers willing to help with marketing. And it seems that school staff, while many well intentioned, lack the time, direction, and/or know-how to effectively market their schools. Meanwhile, at the district level, marketing personnel often must focus on districtwide issues and are stretched so thin they are unable to devote the time necessary to help schools on an individual basis. I thought, So who is left to help each individual school with all the little marketing things they need to do to compete?


That’s when it really hit me, full-stop: our traditional public schools are at quite a disadvantage when having to compete with so many other schools for students, particularly those with well-oiled marketing machines. So why not help these schools market themselves in simple, realistic ways that will have a big impact? With precisely this in mind, Public School Marketing was founded. 


    "Anne helped with creative ideas to help market our school and always supplied us with valuable information to help make our school a better place for everyone."  Rhea, Elementary School PTO President